Tim Tebow Foundation 365 Days of Ministry

Although I won’t be in attendance tonight of the Tim Tebow Foundation, I would like to share a video of the many lives of boys and girls around the country that he’s been able to touch through his ministry and foundation. https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/videos/tim-tebow-foundation-365-days-ministry

Terrell Owens Helps Buffalo Families

He said he would and he did! Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens hosted 81 local families to make the season a little brighter. The Terrell Owens Catch A Dream Foundation is a non profit organization created to erase hunger and the lack of basic daily needs from households. During the month of December, as

December to Remember 2008

In December of 2008, Terrell Owens charity work took center stage for the 2nd annual celebrity charity event that was sponsored by many notable companies and famous faces. Known also as the “December to Remember” event, this doubled as a birthday party for the football star, and the evening raised money for 81 families in