Terrell Owens: On Football and Faith

In the archives of professional football, few names resonate as dynamically as Terrell Owens. As a true athlete, charismatic showman, and believer, Owens has left a lasting mark on the NFL. His prolonged career is a testament to his remarkable talent. Beyond the touchdowns and iconic celebrations lies a life story of perseverance, hard work, and dedication.

Terrell Owens Takes Over 1010 Wine

Mark your calendar! Join Me at 1010 Wine and Events in Inglewood, CA for a fun evening. Special Happy Hour including a special wine & food pairing featuring my wine Eighty-One Live DJ providing all of your favorite hits A special Q&A segment Reservations are highly recommended!

Tim Tebow Foundation 365 Days of Ministry

Although I won’t be in attendance tonight of the Tim Tebow Foundation, I would like to share a video of the many lives of boys and girls around the country that he’s been able to touch through his ministry and foundation.


When we leave our homes, we can not control the actions of others. Someday, we may have to protect ourselves or others to prevent harmful acts. First, I do not seek to participate in violence or condone violence. On Saturday night while visiting CVS and interacting with a fan, an aggressor carrying a bag approached