Dreams and aspirations

Thank you so much for your support @TerrellOwens – your story is amazing and #inspirational to us all! Always #DreamBig ! Terrell Owens: "With all kids, we talk about dreams and aspirations – for me number one you have to have that desire in order to make or bring your dreams into fruition – you

Owens is teaming up with Butterfinger to offer up to $50,000 to any player fined in the AFC and NFC Championship game

Terrell Owens had a lot of opportunities to celebrate touchdowns in his career and he rarely did not take advantage of them, unleashing classic endzone performance’s like eating popcorn, signing a football with a sharpie, and borrowing the cheerleaders pompoms. In an effort to continue his legacy of dancing, Owens is teaming up with Butterfinger to offer