Dreams and aspirations

Thank you so much for your support @TerrellOwens – your story is amazing and #inspirational to us all! Always #DreamBig ! Terrell Owens: "With all kids, we talk about dreams and aspirations – for me number one you have to have that desire in order to make or bring your dreams into fruition – you have to have that dedication, that discipline. I think, for myself – I never was a kid that had a dream to play a professional sport, the sport that I am considered kind of good at, I never had a dream to play football, but I had a dream to do something, whatever the case may be. I had a love for basketball, but that didn’t really work out for me, but I took advantage of the opportunities given to me. What Masai is doing with this campaign, he is giving kids the opportunity to dream big” (Make your photo and share your story by following the link on our bio) #inspirational #toronto #nba #basketball #africa

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