Fantasy Football Contest! Winner gets $50,000 and a Game Jersey from T.O.

Welcome to the 2010 PLAYER-ELIMINATION contest for $50,000! is proud to announce our new “Player Elimination” Contest! – here’s how you play:

Startig on September 19th (week 2), you select ANY lineup you want.  That’s right, anybody!

The following week, your week 2 players are GONE!  Once you use him, you lose him…one-and-done!

This process repeats itself for 16 weeks, and at the end of the season, we’ll have The Best Fantasy Football Coach in America!

You can enter as often as you like, and if you use the Terrell Owens Promo Code “TO81 you could win his game jersey as well!

ALL THIS FOR JUST $9.95 – Play Today!!!!