Play Fantasy Football With Terrell Owens on

Fans, I wanted to tell you about a new fantasy football game I am playing and give you the chance to play against me in the game. Pay the Fan is an easy to play but challenging to master fantasy football game  that gives you the chance to win money each week by picking one of the highest scoring teams. You’ll want to check out this game even if you have never played Fantasy Football before. It’s easy to learn! If you are an active player in a regular fantasy league, you will love the different strategy involved with our game as well. So, how do you play against me?

Each week you pick a quarterback, 2 wide receivers, 2 running backs, a Tight End, Kicker and team defense, just like in regular Fantasy Football games.

But here’s the big difference!  There are no drafts or waiver wires.  You don’t have to keep the same team. Just pick from all the top players in the NFL each week. But watch out, here’s where the skill and strategy comes in: You can only use each player 2 times per season! Really makes it fun, interesting and easy to play! The game features live scoring and the points are identical to regular fantasy games . At Pay the Fan we crown a National Champion each week! You play against everyone in the game and if you want to join a my celebrity league, or form your own private league and play against your friends you can do that as well.

But what fun is Fantasy without a little talk? You can trash and brag on the  SMACK BOARD. That’s the Pay the Fan chat room where players can talk football anytime.

Pay the Fan is powered by STATS, LLC the recognized leader in sports statistics, so there is plenty of info available to help you pick a winning team.

Pay The Fan is the fun and easy way to get into Fantasy Football. Join us to kick some butt and win CASH at the same time!

SO what are you waiting for?  join me at, Terrell Owens in the Fantasy Football contest that will Pay the Fan.