Terrell Owens Is in the House!

Are you ready for an all-new episode of “The Real”? Of course you are! This Monday, the hosts are chatting it up about dating double standards, wine ice cream and their secret vices. Did you know that Tamera loves to pick her toenails, and Adrienne is addicted to Insta-stalking? Tune in to get the inside scoop on Loni, Jeannie and Tamar’s guilty pleasures.

Next, it’s time for spring cleaning! Everyone’s got to do it, and chile, you’ve got to do it right. Roll up your sleeves, because the ladies are showing you everyday things you’ve been doing wrong, and teach you how to do them the right way.

Then, he’s one of the most talented and controversial players in football history, and now he’s getting REAL. Pro baller Terrell Owens joins “The Real” couch to set the record straight on his family life, baby mama drama, former besties Mo and Kita, and his time on the last season of “Celebrity Apprentice”! Plus, the former NFL star reveals that he’s single and crushing on two of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

This week’s Real Go-Getter award goes to a 17-year-old CEO who’s making sure everyone’s lips stay kissably soft.

Also, Insta-slam is back! In this part of the show, the girls get REAL and take a peek inside the audience’s Instagram accounts. Just because you have an IG doesn’t mean you should post every crazy moment, and the hosts are calling out every questionable pic.

Hold on to your weaves and lashes, “The Real” the ladies are going 100 miles an hour this Monday!

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