Terrell Owens Talks Celebrity Apprentice ‘Nemesis’ Geraldo Rivera, ‘Catty’ Ladies’ Team


Geraldo Rivera (left) and Terrell Owens on
The Celebrity Apprentice Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Terrell Owens has strong opinions about his opponents on The Celebrity Apprentice and fighting words for both Geraldo Rivera and the women’s team.

Owens tells PEOPLE Rivera is his biggest competition at this point in the show, calling him his “nemesis.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s a Napoleon Complex, but … it’s almost like he was trying to demand respect for who he is and what he’s done when that’s not the name of the game,” the former NFL star, 41, says of Rivera.

Owens says he sees a “mutual respect” forming among many of the men, but he can’t say the same for the ladies’ team, including Real Housewives Kenya Moore, 43, and Brandi Glanville, 42.

“They’re very snippy, they’re catty,” he says. “That’s the nature of women, especially when you’re trying to incorporate business, because women have felt for a long time that they’re only looked at as housewives.”

He continues, “They want to be seen just like men, as leaders and people that can be the head of anything. They already have that chip on their shoulder on top of [the competition] – it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Owens was known during his NFL days for brash behavior and attention-grabbing end-zone dances, but he says he’ll leave it to Rivera to get the other guys’ blood boiling in Donald Trump’s dreaded boardroom.

“You think that I’m lying low,” Owens says, “but that’s my personality away from the football field. A lot of my football persona has misguided people.”

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Source: http://www.people.com/