The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 4

There’s been a surprising amount of cuteness on The T.O. Show this season — his cute kids, Mo’s adorable sons, bedtime stories, and princess dress-up parties. Where could the show go from there? It could go here:

That’s Terrell Owens high-fiving a Shih Tzu on a basketball court. There were many other cute puppies this week, because this episode of The T.O. Show focuses on Terrell’s search for a teacup dog — preferably a Maltese (Mo and Kita joke that he likes them small and white, not brown and black) — to help his house feel like a home. Kita doesn’t think he can take care of a dog, so he pet sits his friend’s Shih Tzu. You’d think the time he spends with Mo — helping her through a birthing class, then taking her to workout as per her doc’s recommendations — would show he was caring and responsible. But after, he decides that neither his friends, nor his girlfriend, nor a dog will make his house a home. He realizes that he needs to spend some time with his daughters. More cuteness ensues.

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