Wranglers crush the Everett Raptors 48-27

The Allen Wranglers, without Terrell Owens, get the victory 48-27 in the Pacific Northwest over the Everett Raptors on Thursday night, in IFL action.

The Wranglers were very aggressive defensively against a team, in the Raptors, that scored seven TDS in the prior week.

The defense was lead by Frankie Solomon Jr. who had two INTs and five tackles. He also had two kickoff returns for 46 yards.

Mike Landry, on the defensive line, was very active with three batted balls, as well as Aaron Turner turned in a sack for the Wranglers defense.

Tuff Jonson was ejected from the game, on a play that saw him ending up with the ball, and jawing turned into Johnson chucking the football at a player for the Raptors on the bench.

Tonight the offense started off sluggish, however the 2011 IFL MVP Bryan Randall did lead the Wranglers on a 9 play 43 yard drive for a TD, and a one play pass play to Antuan Bloom for a touchdown. He finished the night with 7 of 11 passing for 94 yards and 2 touchdowns and one interception.

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