Despite an objectively strong resume, Terrell Owens was not elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first two years of eligibility. In his third year of eligibility, Owens was elected to the 2018 Hall of Fame class. He ultimately declined the invitation to attend the induction ceremony in Canton, OH.

Thank You to my family, friends and fans!

I would like to publicly thank all my family, friends and supporters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame celebration events that occurred last weekend in Chattanooga. Especially, those who attended the induction ceremony at McKenzie Arena. Wow! Thank you so much to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for everything their staff and student

The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 7

This week’s T.O. Show 2 finds Terrell Owens and friend/publicist Kita Williams traveling together again. This time they’re down in Miami, attending the Miami Masters and cheering on Terrell’s friend Andy Roddick. Andy and Terrell used to party together, until Andy got married and settled down. Later, over dinner, Terrell says seeing Andy so happy

The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 6

Mo and Kita said for weeks that Terrell Owens needs a new personal assistant, since without them, he wouldn’t eat or make it to appointments and events. On this week’s second episode of The T.O. Show 2, they finally find him one, going by what they want (someone maternal) instead of what Terrell wants (someone

The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 4

There’s been a surprising amount of cuteness on The T.O. Show this season — his cute kids, Mo’s adorable sons, bedtime stories, and princess dress-up parties. Where could the show go from there? It could go here: That’s Terrell Owens high-fiving a Shih Tzu on a basketball court. There were many other cute puppies this