T.O. vs. Ochocinco: Week Eight

T.O. vs. Ochocinco: Week Eight: Whose show is better? Terrell Owens or Chad Ochocinco? Watch T.O. and Ochocinco battle over these and other issues every week! Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are very competitive both on and off the field. Check out The T.O. Show every Sunday.

T.O. and Chad Ochocinco ratings gold for NBC

Though it didn’t translate on the field, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco were ratings gold for NBC Sunday. A record number NFL fans tuned into NBC Sunday night to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame preseason game making it the most matched HOF game in 11 years according to the Nielsen Company. The Bengals-Cowboys was

Terrell Owens App Now Available for Download

First Terrell Owens joined Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati to play for the Bengals. Now he’s teaming up with one of Ocho’s other partners, Rock Software, to create his iPhone app. Download Terrell Owens Official App If you’re familiar with Ochocinco’s app, then you’ll recognize most of the available features. (Although I am intrigued by a

Bengals in Hall of Fame Game vs. Cowboys

By GEOFF HOBSON The Bengals drew the first marquee date of the NFL season Wednesday when the NFL announced they are playing in the Aug. 8 Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio against the Cowboys at 8 p.m. on NBC. It is the first appearance in the league’s traditional preseason kickoff game for the

Terrell Owens at Bengals Training Camp

[nggallery id=27] With both Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco playing for the Bengals, there should never be a dull moment when either reaches the end zone. From dance moves to popcorn eating, the pair has gotten its fair share of fines over the years from the NFL. Some fans love them. Other fans hate them.

Episode 4 Sneak Peek

With Monique “Mo” Jackson weeks away from giving birth, an awkward Terrell Owens fills in for her husband Vic at birthing class. And Terrell’s desire for canine companionship gets put to the test when he dog sits for a friend. Sneak the next episode of The T.O. Show! Tune in Vh1 Every Sunday

Owens gives Bengals lift on camp eve

Carson Palmer loved the move last March when the Bengals signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant. But his quarterback eyes couldn’t resist what they almost had with Terrell Owens. “What would be wrong,” Palmer had asked back then, “if we got both of them?” Nothing because it turned out that the Bengals and Owens were able

Full Epsiode 203, Empire State of T.O.

Terrell Owens and his PR powerhouse Kita Williams head to New York where he’ll get to try his hand at modeling during New York Fashion Week. Watch the full episode of The T.O. Show. Kita also grabs coffee with Terrell’s first season love interest, model Jessica White. Together they discuss Terrell’s issues, which includes his

Ep 203 ‘Empire State of T.O.’ Sneak Peek

Terrell and Kita head to New York where Terrell tries his hand at modeling during New York Fashion Week. Terrell makes an unforgettable debut walking the runway at a fashion show and takes over the city while Kita gets pushed to the sidelines. But Terrell has one last surprise up his sleeve for Kita before